Coming in support of his new EP, Tomorrow Could Be…, Watch the powerful new “Fallen” video from Classified.

You can find the project on Apple MusicSpotify and other streaming platforms.

To date, Classified has released four other videos in support of the EP including “Powerless,” two for “Changes” (featuring Anjulie), and the more recent “She Ain’t Gotta Do Much,”

He premiered the video with Billboard and spoke with the famed publication about the song’s meaning:

“This is my joint. For me, this was the easiest song to make on the album. In many ways, I feel like we made the best song first and simply wrote a verse from the point of observing the world today and reacting to what’s happening. I love the vibe of this song, it takes me back to some Slum Village or A Tribe Called Quest vibes.”

Fallen: Classified releases 5th video in support of new EP


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