Joyner Lucas music videos have become one of the lyricist’s biggest draws. More often than not, he uses his platform to add a little bit of positivity to the game, which has, in turn, earned him a wholesome reputation. Don’t get it twisted, however – he’ll still go toe-to-toe on wax with all the fury of a worthy competitor. Last night, the ADHD rapper dropped off another of the project’s upcoming singles, the old-school vibes of “Broke And Stupid.” Now, Lucas has enhanced the experience will a video release, once again taking the time to raise awareness to the downtrodden among us.

In the clip itself, Lucas solidifies himself as a man of the people, helping those of lesser fortune to get fresh. Emotion runs high as Joyner unites fans of all walks of life – even an exuberant police officer surrenders to the vibe. It’s truly something to see, and a testament to Joyner’s rising status as a hip-hop unifier.

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