Tee Grizzley gets Romantic with his lady in the “More Than Friends” video.

Detroit rapper Tee Grizzley continues to unveil content from his latest body of work. Tee Grizzley dropped the visuals to the relationship based track “More Than Friends.” The video reflects the inner workings of the songs and portrays Grizzley and his casted special lady engaging in a series of relationship-goals worthy shots. Throughout the video, the two seem first in love and then at odds before eventually reuniting in the end. Tee Grizzley shows his significant other love the best way he knows how.. The single was produced by Timbaland, Shucati, Lopez, and Vindver.

The album acts as Tee’s words of wisdom to the streets and shares some of the knowledge he’s learned over his life.

The Scriptures album is available on Apple Muisc, Spotify, and other digital streaming outlets.

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